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Quaderni dell'Ateneo journal 1986-1990

I Quaderni dell'Ateneo n. 24
I QUADERNI DELL'ATENEO - Notiziario bimestrale di chitarra
Bimonthly newsletter by the Guitar Atheneum in Milano. Responsible Director: Mauro Storti
This magazine was published from 1986 (issue zero) until 1990, in a total of 24 issues including the first issue and a double numbered issue.
Announced as a quarterly in issue zero, it then came out every two months. It kept six issues a year until 1988 (third year), and then continue for another two years with five issues a year.
FIlippo Michelangeli and Rocco Peruggini were deputy directors.
From its ashes was born the magazine Seicorde (paper magazine and online), quarterly with CD edited by Filippo Michelangeli himself. This new magazine started in 1991 with the number 25 (year VI) as a bimonthly, in continuity with the previous newsletter.
Here are the issues of the magazine known to me (in bold in the following list):

No. 0, Anno I, June 1986 (24 p)
No. 1, Anno I, November 1986 (34 p.)

No. 2 Anno II, January 1987
No. 3, Anno II, March 1987 (28 p.)
No. 4, Anno II, May 1987 (32 p.)
No. 5, Anno II, July 1987 (32 p.)
No. 6, Anno II, September 1987 (32 p.)
No. 7, Anno II, November 1987 (40 p.)

No. 8, Anno III, January 1988 (36 p.)
No. 9, Anno III, March 1988
No. 10, Anno III, May 1988 (40 p.)
No. 11, Anno III, July 1988
No. 12, Anno III, September 1988
No. 13, Anno III, November 1988

No. 14, Anno IV, January-February 1989
No. 15, Anno IV, March-April 1989
No. 16, Anno IV, May-June 1989 (36 p.)
No. 17-18, Anno IV, July-September 1989 (36 p.)
No. 19, Anno IV, November-December 1989 (28 p.)

No. 20, Anno V, January-February 1990 (48 p.): Ramirez: La "Gran Concerto" dalla A alla Z; Intervista a Robert Vidal
No. 21, Anno V, March-April 1990 (52 p.): Speciale su Paco de Lucia e il flamenco; Anteprima mondiale della innovatiova chitarra Bottoni
No. 22, Anno V, May-June 1990 (52 p.): Speciale su Antonio Lauro; Intervista  a Ruiz Pipò
No. 23, Anno V, July-September 1990 (52 p.): Intervista a Eliot Fisk; Fleta, Una chitarra, un mito
No. 24, Anno V, November-December 1990 (44 p.): Speciale SIM HI-Fi '90; Il 150° della morte di Paganini

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