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G. Venturini Publisher

The name of Genesio Venturini was initially known to me only for having published Antonio Ponzio music and some pages for mandolin by C. Bertucci and G. Branzoli.
I then deepened my knowledge realizing that it is one of the largest publishers in central Italy. He published literally hundreds of works with didactical purposes and rehearsal for almost all musical instruments.
The musical house was operational with offices in Florence and Rome from around 1880 until around 1930. In 1906 it was bought by Carisch & Jänichen.
This Italian publishing company based in Milan, founded in 1887 by the Swiss Giovanni Andrea Carisch (1834-1901) together with his son-in-law Arturo Jänichen (1861-1920), while remaining active as a name and typography.
In addition to the various methods for guitar by the teachers of the time (Tito Fabbri, Luciano Castagna, Enrico Ranfagni) and mandolin (Giuseppe Branzoli), it included a collection of original pieces and guitar reductions by Gennaro Caputo (Divertimenti, etc.) and Antonio Ponzio (Passatempi Serali, 'Evening Pastimes' etc.) and many other names almost unknown today.
The catalog for solo guitar and for guitar with other instruments (mandolin, mandola, lute) in the early twentieth century mainly included the numerous music from the collection of the Venturini Genesio publishing house in Florence, with the main names of Carlo Graziani-Walter, Enrico Marucelli, Alessandro Morelli, Enrico Ranfagni, Carlo Sturani, Giovanni Tarditi, Luigi Vangi and many others.
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