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Accadema chitarra classica 1970-1986

Notiziario Accademia della Chitarra Classica N.36
Notiziario Tecnico Professionale della ACCADEMIA della Chitarra Classica
(Professional Technical Newsletter of the ACADEMY of Classical Guitar - Quarterly magazine. Responsible Director: Vincenzo Degni)
This magazine was published continuously from 1970 until 1986 (4 issues per year, 66 issues in all, with variable pagination from 10 to 50 pages).
Its director was Vincenzo Degni (1911-1992). Among his collaborators, in addition to Degni himself (Aesthetics and guitar musical pedagogy column, etc.), include Giampiero TIntoi (author of the cards for the La Chitarra dictionary), Wiaroslaw Sandelewski (Notes on music theory), Marina Garcia Salvarezza (Film and Music, La pagina letterraria, etc.), Ernesto Fausto Ciurlo (articles on violin making), Avv. Ambrogio M. Antonini (various articles), Angelo Bellisario (The musical composition, Gleanings), Adriano Bassi interviews with composers for guitar, Music and Society), Riccardo Chailly, Danilo Faravelli, etc. From 1982 the President of the association was Riccardo Chailly. Inside there is also much information on the mandolin (articles by Alessandro Pitrelli, News of the Italian Mandolin Federation, Paolo Spiga, Luciano Chailly, etc.).
Vincenzo Degni was a self-taught guitarist. Born in Canosa (Bari) in 1911, he soon moved to northern Italy. In Milan he developed an intense organizational activity by founding the Accademia della Chitarra classica association (which has now become a non-profit organization) with this periodical as well as the international competition "The conquest of the classical guitar" held for many years at the exhibition of the "SIM" (International Music Exhibition ) in Milan, from 1965 to the end of the 1980s. Today he is remembered for the didactic work "The study of classical guitar" in two volumes edited by Bérben, and a vast repertoire of studies and occasional pieces, suitable as a didactic and recreational repertoire. Worthy has left numerous pupils and prosecutors (Franco Porrati, Salvatore Di Vincenzo, Giovanna Pili, Carlo Faravelli, etc.). The Academy annually organized Didactic Specialization Courses for dassica guitar students in the Sala del Grechetto at Palazzo Sormani in Milan.

Here are the issues of the magazine known to me (in bold in the list those I have)::

N. 1 LUG-SETT 1970, Year I
N. 2 OTT-DIC 1970, Year I

N. 3 GEN-MAR 1971, Year II
N. 4 APR-GIU 1971, Year II
N. 5 LUG-SETT 1971, Year II
N. 6 OTT-DIC 1971, Year II

N. 7 GEN-MAR 1972, Year III
N. 8 APR-GIU 1972, Year III
N. 9 LUG-SETT 1972, Year III
N. 10 OTT-DIC 1972, Year III

N. 11 GEN-MAR 1973, Year IV
N. 12 APR-GIU 1973, Year IV
N. 13 LUG-SETT 1973, Year IV
N. 14 OTT-DIC 1973, Year IV

N. 15 GEN-MAR 1974, Year V
N. 16 APR-GIU 1974, Year V
N. 17 LUG-SETT 1974, Year V
N. 18 OTT-DIC 1974, Year V

N. 19 GEN-MAR 1975, Year VI
N. 20 APR-GIU 1975, Year VI
N. 21 LUG-SETT 1975, Year VI
N. 22 OTT-DIC 1975, Year VI

N. 23 GEN-MAR 1976, Year VII
N. 24 APR-GIU 1976, Year VII
N. 25 LUG-SETT 1976, Year VII
N. 26 OTT-DIC 1976, Year VII

N. 27 GEN-MAR 1977, Year VIII
N. 28 APR-GIU 1977, Year VIII
N. 29 LUG-SETT 1977, Year VIII
N. 30 OTT-DIC 1977, Year VIII

N. 31 GEN-MAR 1978, Year IX
N. 32 APR-GIU 1978, Year IX
N. 33 LUG-SETT 1978, Year IX
N. 34 OTT-DIC 1978, Year IX

N. 35 GEN-MAR 1979, Year X
N. 36 APR-GIU 1979, Year X
N. 37 LUG-SETT 1979, Year X
N. 38 OTT-DIC 1979, Year X

N. 39 GEN-MAR 1980, Year XI
N. 40 APR-GIU 1980, Year XI
N. 41 LUG-SETT 1980, Year XI
N. 42 OTT-DIC 1980, Year XI

N. 43 GEN-MAR 1981, Year XII
N. 44 APR-GIU 1981, Year XII
N. 45 LUG-SETT 1981, Year XII
N. 46 OTT-DIC 1981, Year XII

N. 47 GEN-MAR 1982, Year XIII
N. 48 APR-GIU 1982, Year XIII
N. 49 LUG-SETT 1982, Year XIII
N. 50 OTT-DIC 1982, Year XIII

N. 51 GEN-MAR 1983, Year XIV
N. 52 APR-GIU 1983, Year XIV
N. 53 LUG-SETT 1983, Year XIV
N. 54 OTT-DIC 1983, Year XIV

N. 55 GEN-MAR 1984, Year XV
N. 56 APR-GIU 1984, Year XV
N. 57 LUG-SETT 1984, Year XV
N. 58 OTT-DIC 1984, Year XV

N. 59 GEN-MAR 1985, Year XVI
N. 60 APR-GIU 1985, Year XVI
N. 61 LUG-SETT 1985, Year XVI
N. 62 OTT-DIC 1985, Year XVI

N. 63 GEN-MAR 1986, Year XVII
N. 64 APR-GIU 1986, Year XVII
N. 65 LUG-SETT 1986, Year XVII
N. 66 OTT-DIC 1986, Year XVII

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