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Tomislav Uhlik (Zagreb, 1956) was a student of physics when, encouraged by the composer and conductor Emil Cossetto, he discovered an interest in music, and in 1978 enrolled at the Zagreb Academy of Music to study theory of music. He began composing as a student, influenced at first by Cossetto’s choral works, and in 1982 he started studying composition in Stanko Horvat’s class at the Zagreb Academy of Music. Interrupting his studies because of family committments and obligations towards the Croatian Folklore Ensemble "Lado", he began to work for the ensemble in 1983 as music director. He was also employed for some time as rehearsal pianist in the Ballet School in Zagreb. Between 1986 and 1989 he studied conducting at the Zagreb Academy of Music, graduating in Igor Gjadrov’s class. In the meantime he worked first as rehearsal pianist and then conductor in the Zagreb "Komedija" Theatre, where he conducted six operetta premieres since 1992. He has been a guest conductor in the Croatian National Theatres in Zagreb and Osijek, and regularly collaborates as a conductor and composer with the Croatian Army Symphonic Wind Orchestra. Composing for diverse combinations of instruments, he attempts to reconcile his affinities for serious music, folklore and jazz. Uhlik is the recipient of several major prizes and acknowledgements of his work.

Guitar Compositions:

Four Bagatelles for small clarinet in Re and guitar (1991)
Andantino, Andante moderato, Lento assai, Allegro scherzo - 4'43"

Sonatina for guitar (1992)

A Study for Three Paintings / Three Preludes for guitar (1994)
Allegro moderato (Tempo di minuetto), Andante espressivo, Allegro ben ritmico - 5'08"

Fire Dance (or Touble with Fire) for clarinet and guitar (1996) 

Quartetto concertante for guitars (1998)
Allegro alla marcia, Larghetto, Allegro - 11'
published by
VP Music Media dedicated to the Zagreb Guitar Quartet (

Sonata for guitar (2001) 
Allegro non troppo, Largo, Allegro - 13'00"