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VP Music Media Vincenzo Pocci
Florence, Italy



Abel Nagytothy-Toth,  guitarist, musicologist, editor (Canada)


Adriano Sebastiani, guitarist, editor (Italia)


Diego Sanchez Haase, harpsichordist, composer, conductor, editor (Paraguay)


Dmitry Milovanov, guitarist, editor (Russia)


Duo Bonfanti, guitar duo (Italia)


Edmar Fenicio, guitarist, composer, editor (Brasil)


Marco Bazzotti, guitarist, musicologist, editor (ItaliaI


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||||| GUITAR SOLOS |||||

originals and adaptations for guitar solo in PDF format

Revised and edited by Abel Nagytothy-Toth

This collection will be gradually published. It comes from the Canadian guitarist and musicologist Abel Nagytothy-Toth.

He intends to donate his life time work to the guitar community for public performances and sound engravings only.

For any other use respecting the International Copyright Law, please contact the editor.

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(*) adaptations by Abel Nagytothy-Toth

Adriaensen, Emmanuel (1554-1604)

Gaillarde for lute (guitar)  free download

Aguado, Dionisio (1784-1849)

Opera Omnia unpublished minor and major solo compositions for the guitar  free download forthcoming

Aleksandrov, Nikolai (1818-1884)

Three Etudes  free download


Veneziana & Passo e mezzo (XVI c.)  free download

Mi Favorita (XIX c.)  free download

Arrulladora (Duérmete niño)  free download

Bulerias  free download

Farrucas  free download

El Vito  free download

Darumadár fenn az égen (Hungarian song) (*)  free download

Arcas, Julian (1832-1882)

Motivo de la ópera El Barbero de Sevilla  pdf for purchase

Arnold, Friedrich Wilhelm (1810-1864)

Andante  free download

Air varié  pdf for purchase

Romanze  free download

Rondo  pdf for purchase

Rondinetto  free download

Rondoletto  pdf for purchase

Attaignant, Pierre (1494-1551/2)

4 Danses  free download

Aubert, Pierre François Olivier (1763-1830)

Potpourri III Op.24.3  pdf for purchase

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)

BWV.147.6 Jesu, joy of man's desiring (*)  pdf for purchase

    adapted from Cantata BWV 147

BWV.244b.57 Siciliano (*)  pdf for purchase

    from St.Matthew Passion. Lute obligato adapted for guitar - In the first version BWV 244b Bach used the lute instead of the viola da gamba

BWV.565 Toccata & Fuga in re (*)  pdf for purchase

    adapted from organ

BWV.992/3 Capriccio (*)  pdf for purchase

    Adagissimo from "Capriccio sopra la lontananza del suo fratello dilettissimo" for harpsichord, transcribed for guitar

Bayer, Eduard (1822-1908)

Souvenir  pdf for purchase

Bédard, Jean-Baptiste (1765-1818)

Op.39/1, La Gavotte de Vestris, variée, Guitar, Flute (Violin) ad lib.  see chamber music  pdf for purchase

Op.39/2, La Gavotte de Vestris, variée, Guitar, Flute (Violin) ad lib.  see chamber music  pdf for purchase

Bobrowicz, Johann (1805-1881)

Air d'Ukraine Op.7  pdf for purchase

Büttinger, Karl Konrad (1789-1832)

Sonate  free download

Calegari, Francesco (XIX c.)

Sonata Op.8  pdf for purchase

Andantino, from Sechs Lektionen Op.11  pdf for purchase

Variazioni Op.18  pdf for purchase

Call, Leonard von (1767-1815)

Sonate Op.114  pdf for purchase

Campion, François (1686-1747)

Rondeau  free download

Fuga  free download

Cano, Antonio (1811-1897)

Album de seis composiciones de mediana dificultad (facsimile)  free download

  1. La Gratitud (Nocturno)

  2. La Simpatia (Romanza sin palabras)

  3. Un Recuerdo [de Federico Cano 1838-1904]

  4. Un Pensamiento

  5. Nocturno

  6. Las Caricia

2° Album de seis composiciones (facsimile)  free download

  1. El Delirio

  2. El Eco & 3. Una Flor

  4. Andante grave

  5. Veneciana

  6. Andante cantabile

Carulli, Ferdinado (1770-1841)

Il pleut, il pleut bergère op.194 n.3  free download

De tout un peu. Recueil de 34 morceaux divers en six livres op.270  free download

   Livre 3°

      Nº21. Theme avec variations (Mozart)

      Nº22. Étude modulée (Arpège modulée)

      Nº23. Andante

      Nº24. Rondoncino

   Livre 4°

      Nº25. Larghetto

      Nº26. Polonaise

      Nº27. Andantino

      Nº28  Caprice

   Livre 5°

      Nº29. Fantasia (Rossini)

      Nº30. Introduction et thème varié (Mozart)

   Livre 6°

      Nº31. Grande Valse I

      Nº32. Largo

      Nº33. Grande Valse II

      Nº34. Rondeau

Chambers, William Paris (1854-1913)

Reflections  pdf for purchase

Clérambault, Louis (1676-1749)

Fughuette  free download

Corret, L. (XIX c.)

10 Morceaux Op.6, Guitar, Violin ad lib.   see Chamber music

Daquin, Louis-Claude (1694-1772)

Le Coucou (*)  pdf for purchase

Donizetti, Gaetano (1797-1848)

Sestetto  free download

Dubez, Johann (1828-1891)

Fantaisie sur des motifs hongrois (facsimile)  free download


♦ Bolero

Danza Mora  free download

Estampio  free download

Fandangos  free download

Fandanguillos  free download

Graditanas  free download

Guajira free download

Huelva  free download

Jaleo free download

Jota  free download

♦ Malagueña

♦ Panaderos

Polo  free download

♦ Rondena

♦ Seguidillas

♦ Seguiriyas

Sevillanas free download

Tango  free download

Tanguillo  free download

Tientos free download

Tirana-Panaderos-Bolero  free download

♦ Zambra

♦ Zorongo

Galles, Josep (1758-1836)

Sonata I (*)  pdf for purchase

♦ Sonata II (*)  forthcoming

Gaultier, Denis (1603-1672)

Sarabande I, II & Artemise  free download

Gernlein, Rudolf (1829-1846)

Adagio et Variations brillantes Op.41  pdf for purchase

Glinka, Mikhail (1804-1857)

Tarantella (*)  free download

Cotillon  free download

Gräffer, Anton (1780-1830)

Ein Gedanke, Variations  pdf for purchase

Gurilew, Lew Stepanowitsch (1770-1844)

Preludium  free download

Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759)

Symphony HWV 53.33 (from Oratorio Saul)  free download

Heller, Stephen (1813-1888)

Etudes I-IV-VIII  free download

Etudes IX  free download

Etudes X-IV-XV  free download

Horecki, Felix (1796-1870)

Grande Fantasie op.14  pdf for purchase

Hünten, Peter Ernst (1799-1878)

Variations on a Theme by Auber  pdf for purchase

Iradier, Sebastián (1809-1885)

La Paloma  free download

Jansen, Carl (1866-?)

Mondschein  free download

Kellner, David (1680-1748)

Fantasia  free download

Rondò  free download

Kohaut, Karl Ignaz (1726-1784)

Sonata for lute (guitar)  pdf for purchase

Kováts, Barna (1920-2005)

Ütik a rézdobot (Hungarian folk song)  free download

    dedicated to Abel Nagytothy-Toth

Le Sage de Richée, Philipp Franz (XVII c.)

Largo  free download

Locatelli, Pietro (1695-1764)

♦ 24 Capricci op.3 (*)  free download

   Capricci I - II - III 

   Capricci IV - V - VI

   Capricci VII - VIII - IX

   Capricci X - XI - XII

   Capricci XIII - XIV - XV

   Capricci XVI - XVII - XVIII

   Capriccio XIX - XX - XXI

   Capriccio XXII - XXIII - XXIV

Capriccio XXV (*)  free download

Martino, Filippo (1730-?)

Allemande for lute (guitar)  pdf for purchase

Matiegka, Wenzeslaus (1773-1830)

Op.16 Sonate (in C)  free download

Op.20/9 Andante  free download

Op.20/16 Todtenmarsch  free download

Op.20/17 Menuetto  free download

Op.20/18 Rondo  free download

Op.20/21 En forme d’une symphonie  free download

Op.20/24 Marcia  free download

Op.23 Sonate  free download

Grande Sonate Nº1 (in D)  free download

Grande Sonate Nº2 (in A)  free download

Meier, Georg (1865-1942)

Elfenreigen  free download

Morkov, Vladimir (1801-1864)

Etude  free download

Mouton, Charles (1626-1710)

L'amat contant & La Mallassis  free download

Mülhölzl, Fritz (1890-1940)

Romanze  free download

Nemerowskii, Aleksander (1859-)

Légende  pdf for purchase

Newsiedler, Hans (1509-1563)

Gassenhauer (Rasgueado Variations) (*)  free download

Padovec, Ivan (1800-1873)

Polonaise  free download

Pedrell, Carlos (1878-1941)

Impromptu  pdf for purchase

Peyer, Johann Gotthard (1641-1700)

Courante, Sarabande, Caprice  free download

Saint Luc, Jacques de (1616-1710 ca.)

Menuet, Courante  free download

Sarenko, Vasilii (1814-1881)

Ukrainian Dance  pdf for purchase

Schuster, Vincenz (XVIII-XIX c.)

Hungarian Dances  free download

Serrano, José Simeón (1873-1941)

Canción Húngara (Alma de Dios) (*)  pdf for purchase

Sokolowski, Marek (1818-1883)

Etude  free download

Strauss, Johann (1825-1899)

An der schönen blauen Donau & Bei uns z'Haus (facsimile)  free download

Sychra, Andrei (1773-1850)

Dumka (Polish melody)  free download

Thalberg, Sigismund (1812-1871)

Souvenir de Pesth  pdf for purchase

Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767)

♦ 12 Fantasies TWV40:14-25 (*)

   Fantasia I (*)  free download

   Fantasia II (*)  pdf for purchase

   Fantasia III (*)  free download

   Fantasia IV (*)  pdf for purchase

   Fantasia V (*)  free download

   Fantasia VI (*)  free download

   Fantasia VII (*)  pdf for purchase

   Fantasia VIII (*)  free download

   Fantasia IX (*)  free download

   Fantasia X (*)  pdf for purchase

   Fantasia XI (*)  free download

   Fantasia XII (*)  pdf for purchase

Urqullu, Leopold (XIX c.)

Thême & Variations Op.10  free download

Verdi, Giuseppe (1813-1901)

Minuetto  free download

           dall'opera "Falstaff" adapted for guitar solo

Vysotsky, Mikhail Timofeievich (1791-1837)

Prelude II  free download

Prelude VIII  free download

Ach, boli mnie, boli [Oh, it hurts me]  free download

Volbeding, J. E. (XIX c.)

Op.3 Variations: Nel cor più non mi sento  pdf for purchase

Wanczura, Josef (XIX c.)

Variations brillantes Op.9  pdf for purchase

Weber, Carl Maria von (1786-1826)

Ballet, from Preciosa J.279 (*)  free download

Weichenberger, Johann Georg (1676-1740)

Fantasia  free download

7 Preludes for lute  free download

Partie I  free download

Partie II  free download

Partie III  free download

Partie IV  free download

Willimann, Eduard Anton (XVIII-XIX c.)

Sonate Op.1  pdf for purchase

Wyhowski, Karol (Charles de) (XIX c.)

Variations on an own Theme Op.1  pdf for purchase


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