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Federico Cano (1838-1904)

Works for guitar, Volume I:
 San Ysidro Ú El Quince de Mayo en Madrid
 Tanda de Valses
 Estudio a Josť Vinas
 Estudio a Francisco Tarrega

revised and edited by Marco Bazzotti and Adriano Sebastiani

It is with deep passion that I present this editorial proposal. Divided in several volumes, it honours Spanish guitarist and composer Federico Cano (1838-1904), until now unjustifiably forgotten. With his father, Antonio Cano Curriela (1811-1897), he represents a fundamental link between two classical guitarist schools: that of Fernando Sor (1778-1839) and Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849) and that of the late romantic of Francisco Tarrega (1852-1909). The key role of Antonio and Federico Canoís musical and teaching contributions led me to promote this great artist. In his 1934 Diccionario de Guitarristas, Domingo Prat (1886-1944) records Federico Canoís birth as December 10th, 1838 in Lorca, in Spainís Murcia region. He began to study music and guitar under his father Antonio. His fatherís pride, Federico, at the young age of fifteen, propelled himself into an impressive concert and teaching career, performing everywhere in Spain and Portugal, with great success. Through his interpretations, appreciated for the beauty of the sound and excellent technique, Cano became one of Spainís most remarkable guitarists of his time.
Adriano Sebastiani

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