Guitarist , Composer and Teacher



Sergey Maryshev, guitarist, composer and teacher from Novosibirsk, Russia was born in November 1966. He started playing the guitar when he was 12. He finished his formal education at the Novosibirsk Musical College (Prof A.Orlov was his teacher). Later under the guidance of Prof J. Jukechev, Sergey Maryshev studied composition in the Novosibirsk State Conservatory. He created many music pieces and now he is the author of many musical creations like guitar solo, guitar duets and quartets, guitar in ensemble with strings, vocal music. He is especially popular with beginners as his melodies are bright and lively with colouristic effects and impressive harmony.
These days he is engaged in teaching children in a local school and pursuing his creative ideas in the world of music.

Works edited by VP Music Media

16 Pieces for guitar
1. On the Meadow
2. Three Sisters in Night Sky
3. The Virtuoso Violinist
4. The Elegy of an Autumn Leaf
5. The Tightrope-Walker
6. The Remote Mountain Tops
7. On the Ball
8. The Sad Story
9. The Vernal Floods
10. A Dewdrop
11. It's Raining Outdoors
12. The Most - The Most
13. The Wandering Sparks
14. Flying Dutch
15. My Horsy
16. A Lullaby