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Viktor KOZLOV, a graduate of Urals State Conservatory (class of V.Derun), participated in a lot of competitions of guitar music both in Russia and abroad. As a guitarist V.Kozlov won the first Region Contest of performers on Russian folk instruments in Chelyabinsk 1988 (first prize). He won a diploma at the Russian Contest in Gorky city in 1990. Viktor Kozlov performed solo programs in Chelyabinsk, Bishkek, Tomsk, Ekaterinburg, Moscow and St-Petersburg.
As a composer of original music for classical guitar Viktor was awarded first Diploma in Donetsk (1982), Moscow (1988). At the Ninth International Guitar Festival in Estergom (Hungary) he became a third prize winner as a composer (1989). Some of his compositions have already been published in Russia, England and Germany. Guitarists N.Komolyatov (Russia), E.Gridushko (Byelorussia), V.Zshadko (Ukraine), Simon Dinnigan (England) include his compositions in their programs.
Currently Viktor is a teacher in Chelyabinsk Musical College. He is the chair-man of Classical Guitar ssociation in the Regional Musical Society.

Main compositions:

Round Dance and Folk-Dance 1980
Variations for Piano 1981
Trio for Flute, Viola and Guitar1981
East Dance 1982
Two Waltz (trio) 1982
Children Suite (duet) 1983
Suite for Flute and Guitar 1984
Three Children Pieces 1985
Music for Clarinet and Basson 1986
Small Concerto for Domra 1987
Black Toreador 1988
Sonatina for Guitar and Piano 1989
Dedication to the Russian Land 1990
Small Detective 1990
Nocturne and Toccata 1991
Sonata g-moll 1992
Mirage ship 1992
Waltz “Estergom” (trio) 1993
Ballad for Elena 1994
Meditation 1995
Buffonada (trio) 1996
Merry Strings (Young guitarist album) 1996
Seignioritte Guitar's Little Secrets 1999
Adriatic in the Fog 2000

Works edited by VP Music Media

Dedication to the Russian Land for guitar

Khorovod and Plyaska for guitar

Adriatic in the Fog for guitar