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Was born in Belgrade, Serbia (SR Yugoslavia) in 1959.

He studied classical guitar in Belgrade, graduating from the Zagreb (Croatia) Academy of Music, and continued with post-graduate work (musicology), at the University of Belgrade.

Attended various Master Courses.

Dojcinovic has performed more than 3000 concerts around the world, presented numerous lectures, and gave many master classes.

He acts as adjudicator for a great number of international guitar competitions, and writes for various guitar magazines and music journals.

He has made more than 30 recordings (LPs, Music Cassettes, CDs), and has published over 250 different compositions and guitar works for various publishing companies in the world.

Dojcinovic is a frequent guest in radio and television programmes.

In 1974, at the age of fifteen, Dojcinovic has received the October Reward of the city of Belgrade for achievements in the art.

Also won first Republic and Federal prizes in guitar competitions in 1975, and 1977, and first prize in the Cultural Olympiad in Belgrade in 1978.

In 1984 he was awarded from Jeunesses Musicales for his contribution to the development of music, the promotion of the guitar as a classical instrument, and classical music for guitar among the young.

In l995 he received the Golden Badge by Cultural and Educational Bureau of Serbia for his durable work and creative contribution to the cultural expansion.

Dojcinovic’s other rewards include over 15 different national and international medals, diplomas, and various prizes for the artistic activity.

Dojcinovic is founder and Artistic Director of several Yugoslavian guitar events (Festivals, Competitions, Guitar Series), and currently teaches at the music conservatory in Belgrade.

Selected published music:

Music Moments Op. 1, Op. 3, Op. 13, Ed. Pizzicato P. 293 E. (Italy)

Dos Impressiones Ibericas Op. 2, Ed. Beltz - Azpiazu G.1108 (Suisse)

Little Suite on the Popular Children's Themes Op. 4, Ed. Demetra 1995 (Serbia)

Old - City Suite Op. 5, Ed. Pizzicato P. 292 E. (Italy)

Old - City Triptych (I) Op. 5/II, Ed. Las Cahiers de la Guitare Nr. 56/1995 (France)

Old-City Triptych (II,III) Op.5/II, Ed.Šidina Nr. 4 June 1998 -Šid (Serbia)

Suite on Russian Traditional Themes Op.6, Ed. Gomel-Polespechat Nr. 868 (Belarus)

Petrovaradin Suite Op. 7, Ed. Tonos 6717. (Germany)

Three Old - City Medallions Op. 8, Ed. Soundboard Vol. XIX, Nr. 2 (USA)

Montenegro Diptych Op. 9, Ed. UKCG'90 (Yugoslavia)

Tango Op. 10/I (Theme by M. Jelčić), Authors Ed. Split 1987 (Yugoslavia)

Suite from NOB Op.11, Ed. Prometej-Nota/Knjaževac 1998 (Serbia)

Autumn Leaves (Waltz) Op.12, Ed. Swiat Gitary Nr. 1 (7) luty/marzec 1998 (Poland)

Yugoslav Fantasy Op. 14, Ed. Daminus E.D. 116 (Germany)

Intr. and Variations Op. 15, Ed. Daminus E.D. 115 (Germany)

Five Pieces for Guitar Quartet Op. 16, Ed. Beltz - Azpiazu CH. 29 a,b,c,d,e (Suisse)

Old - City Suite Op.17, Ed. Muzyczna Oficyna Wydawnicza MOW.01 (Poland)

Three Himalayan Stories Op. 18, Ed. Jugonota JN. 02 (Serbia)

Three Himalayan Stories Op.18, Ed. Mel Bay Publications MB 96593 (USA)

Unsolved Mysteries Op.19, Ed. Mel Bay Publications MB96593 (USA)

Three Characteristic Dances Op. 20, Ed. Trakel T. 6025 (Germany)

Dos Impressiones Op. 21, Op. 24, Ed. Beltz - Azpiazu G. 1107 (Suisse)

Seven Shorts Sketches du "Petit Prince", Op. 22, Ed. Pizzicato PVH 098 (Italy-Suisse)

Dedications Op. 13 & Op. 23, Ed. Pizzicato N 236 (Italy)

Three Bible Illuminations Op. 25, Ed. Pizzicato PVH 099 (Italy-Suisse)

Romance and Song Op. 26, (Two Guitares), Ed. Orphee EICM-34 (USA)

Song and Dance Op. 27, (Three Guitares), Ed. Corda Music Publications CMP 390 (England)

Ten Short Pieces Op.28, Ed. Corda Music Publications CMP 29 (England)

Haiku Reminiscencije Op.29, Ed. UKCG '98 (Montenegro)

From the Land of Opanaks Op. 30, Ed. Pizzicato PVH 230 (Italy)

A Memory Op.31, (Lute & Guitar), Ed. UKCG '98 (Montenegro)

Dos Abejas y Un Abejorro Op.33, ( 3 Guit.), Ed. Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia PVH410 (Italy)

Remembrance Op.34, (Guitar Quartet), Ed. Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia PVH 423 (Italy-Suisse)

Trosarine Praskozorja Op.35, (Trio for Guitar, Flute & Clarinet, Ed. VP Music Media

Dance of the Beans Op.36, (Guitar Orchestra), Ed. Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia PVH 614 (Italy-Suisse)

Love Song Op. 37, ( Guitar & Oboe ), Ed. Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia PVH 613 (Italy-Suisse)

Corn Song Op. 39, (Guitar Orchestra), Ed. Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia PVH 614 (Italy-Suisse)

A Little Tea Leaf Op. 40, (Two Guitars & Flute), Ed. UKCG '99 (Montenegro)

Four Characters after "Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten" Op.41, Ed. Eres Edition (Germany)

Two Characteristic Dances Op.42, Ed. ProMedia (Czech Republic)

The First String of Apollo’s Guitar Op.43, Ed. Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia PVH 623 (Italy-Suisse)

Lamento (Study for the Left Hand) Op.45, Ed. Guitar Almanac Nr. 3 (Bealrus)

Tamburica Op.46, Ed. Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia PVH 621 (Italy-Suisse)

Pinocchio Dance Op.47, Ed.Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia PVH 622 (Italy-Suisse)

Three Days in Orient Express Op.48, (Two Guitars)

Little Yellow Notes Op.49

Three Short Piece Op.50, UKCG (Montenegro)

Augsburg (A Music Dedication) Op.51, Vision4media Publishing (Austria)

Dance of the Spindles Op.53, (4 Guitars or Guitar Orchestra), Ed. VP Music Media

The Last Lighthouse Op.54, (solo guitar, solo flute, chamber ensemble, Ed. VP Music Media

Selected published instructive and didactic publications:

"The First Guitarists Steps" (Guitar Method) Ed. Demetra 1995 (Serbia)

Sightreading and Orchestral Literature for Guitarists, Ed. Prometej-Nota/Knjaževac (Serbia)

Selected published anthologies and other collections:

Contemporary Yugoslav Guitar Music (Album I), Ed. Nota Knjaževac '84 (Yugoslavia)

Eleven South-American Pieces (Album I), Ed. Nota Knjaževac '83 (Yugoslavia)

Twelve South-American Pieces (Album II), Ed. Nota Knjaževac '87 (Yugoslavia)

Ten South-American Pieces (Album III), Ed. Demetra-Knjaževac '94 (Serbia)

Five Centuries of the Guitar Music (Anthology), Ed. Nota-Knjaževac '91 (Serbia)

Anthology of Guitar Music in Serbia, Ed. Prometej, Novi Sad, '96 (Serbia)

Anthology of Guitar Music in Montenegro, Ed. Proarte - Nikšić, '96 (Montenegro)

Film Music for the Classical Guitar, Ed. Sorabia, Niš, '98 (Serbia)

Chamber Guitar Music Collection, Ed. Mel - Bay MBP 96592 (USA)

Exotic Guitar Music Collection, Ed. Mel - Bay MBP 96593 (USA)

Guitar in Chamber Music, Ed. Francophiles (Serbia)

Other selected published editings and revisions:

Vojvodjanska Suite by J. Jovičić, Ed. Nota - Knjaževac '86 (Yugoslavia)

Twenty Pieces by M. Ćupić (Album), Ed. Nota-Knjaževac '89 (Yugoslavia)

Andantino, by M. Ćupić, Ed. UKCG-Podgorica, '90 (Yugoslavia)

Compositions for Classical Guitar by Ž. Veljović (Album I), Ed. Nota-Knjaževac '92 (Serbia)

Sixteen Solo Guitar Studies by Ž. Veljović (Collection), Ed. Jugonota-Novi Pazar JN.01 (Serbia)

Five Characteristic Pieces by Ž. Veljović, Ed. Jugonota- Novi Pazar JN.03 (Serbia)

Calmo e Appassionato by Ž.Veljović, Ed. Jugonota- Novi Pazar JN.04 (Serbia)

Pink Variations by M. Pejović (Collection), Ed. Oktoih- Podgorica, '94 (Montenegro)

Sound Trails by M. Ćupić (Music - Essay Book ), Ed. Pobjeda- Podgorica, '95 (Montenegro)

Ricercare by F. Bossinensis No 23/1, Ed. Classical Guitar Vol. 10, No.1 (England)

Burleska No 1 by B. Havlik Ed. Zavičaj, XXXII, No. 296 (Yugoslavia)

Japanese Dance by S. Behrend, Ed. Soundboard Vol. XXI, No.4 (USA)

Rechenica (Dance) by G. Moravski, Ed. Soundboard Vol. XXII, No.2 (USA)

Bee by P. Panin Ed. Soundboard Vol. XXII, No.4 (USA)

Suite on Folk Themes by J. Jovičić, Ed. Soundboard Vol. XXIV, No.1 (USA)

Selected readings:

Magic World of the Guitar (book), Ed. Nota-Knjaževac '85 (Yugoslavia)

Following the Guitar Trails in Yugoslavia (book), Ed. Sorabia- Niš '92 (Serbia)

The Guitar Triumph (book), Ed. Unirex-Nikšić '94 (Montenegro)

Secret of the Guitar (book), Ed. Dom Kulture Studentski Grad-Beograd '96 (Serbia)

La Chitarra Yugoslavia (Storia e prospettive), Ed. Balcanica, No. 1 Feb. '84 (Italy)

The Guitar in Yugoslavia, Ed. Soundborad, Vol. XVII, No. 3 (USA)

Der Klang der Gitarre in Jedes Heim (Die Gitarre in Jugoslavien), Musikblatt 1/91 (Germany)

The Guitar in Yugoslavia, Ed. Classical Guitar, Vol. 10 No. 1 (England)

Ivan Padovec, Ed. Gitarre & Laute, XIV/1992 Heft 6 (Germany)

Our Guitar Story, Ed. Pro Musica- Beograd, No. 120-Dec. '83 (Yugoslavia)

New Guitar Perspective in Yugoslavia, Pro Musica- Beograd, No. 126-Juny '85 (Yugoslavia)

In the Sign of the Guitar, Univerzitetska riječ- Nikšić, No. 195/196, 197, 203-1985/86, (Yu)

The New Guitar Plan and Program, Ed. Music Marketing- Beograd, No. 4 '92 (Serbia)

Ivan Padovec (1800-1873), Ed. Soundborad, Vol. XXI, No. 3 (USA)

Ivan Padovec (1800-1873), Ed. Classical Guitar, Vol. 13, No.8 (England)

Jovan Jovičić, 20th Cent. Serbian Guitar Pioneer, Ed. Soundboard, Vol. XXIV, No.1 (USA)

Guitar Strings in Srem, Ed. Šidina, No.4 '98 (Serbia)

Where is Our Guitar, Ed. Muzčki glasnik No. 1- Podgorica '97 (Montenegro)

Yugoslav International Guitar Events, Ed. Muzički glasnik No.3 - Podgorica '98 (Montenegro)

Die Gitarre im jugoslawischen Kulturleben, Ed. Zupfmusik magazin 2/'99 (Germany)

Milica Stojadinovic-First Serbian Female Guitarist, Ed. Muzčki glasnik No. 8 - Podgorica '99 (Montenegro)

Leben und Wirken des kroatischen Gitarristen Ivan Padovec,Ed. Zupfmusik magazin 4/’99(Germany)

The First Serbian Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, Ed. Muzički glasnik No. 9 - Podgorica ‘99 (Montenegro)

Guitar in former Zugoslavia, Ed.Gitarr och Luta, Argang 33, No.4 –2000 (Sweden)

Jovan Jovičić, A short portrait, Ed.Zupfmusik magazin 1/ 2001 (Germany)

Selected recordings:

South - American Guitar, PGP-RTB 2320223

Guitara Exotica, Jugodisk, LP-0149, BDN-0379

Violin & Guitar, Diskos, LP-1020

Guitara Caracteristica, Jugodisk, LP-0218, BDN-0534

Violin & Guitar, Jugodisk, LP-0251, BDN-0597

Romance for Trumpet & Guitar, Diskos LP-20001181

Guitar Recital, Jugodisk, LP-0311, BDN-0849

"Verde, te quiero verde", Jugodisk, LP-0317, BDN-871

Anthology of Yugoslav Guitar Music, Jugodisk, LP-0471, BDN-3421

Meditations for Trumpet & Guitar, Jugodisk, LP-0479, BDN-3445

Guitar Duets, Jugodisk, BDN-3737

Yugoslav Duo, Diskos, MC-30001691

Exotic Guitar, Naissus Records, CD-34001

Classical and Romantic Music for Two Guitars, Sorabia MG-17002

Danza Caracteristica, Daminus Records DR-903

Romance, Sound Galaxy MC-100870

Hundred Years of Miloš Crnjanski, Sorabia MG-77

Hommage a Segovia, Jugodisk, BDN 4208

Magic Guitars, Sorabia MG-86

"I don't have any more time" & "Spain my love", Sorabia MG-90

"Ana Snjegina"-S. Jesenjin, Sorabia MG-'95

The Sun is Rising, Sorabia MG-106

Canciones Espanoles, Sorabia MG-149

Tro{arine Praskozorja, Samoizdavač-Despot Stevan 98

Exotic Guitar, Mel Bay MB96593BCD

Chamber Music for Guitar, Mel Bay MB96592BCD

Anatomija Svjetlosti, CD-Pro Arte Association

"Memories"-Chamber Music for Guitar by Uros Dojcinovic, Vpmm 4103