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Pocci Catalog 2015 onLine  version 2 (released July 2015)

the guide to the guitarist's modern and contemporary repertoire
Catalog of the repertoire for guitar solo, guitar in chamber music, and guitar with orchestra by Vincenzo Pocci


The Catalog provides essential information for 54,500 guitar works composed since 1900. Include the references of: 8,700 composers - 32,700 compositions for guitar solo - 21,800 chamber works with guitar - 1,700 publishers - 1,950 anthologies, collections and albums of guitar music.


Copyright Vincenzo Pocci. Made in Italy. All rights Reserved.

Section Repertoire each record consists of: Composer, title, instrumentation, year of composition, duration, publisher, year of publication, publisher's catalogue number, location of the score. (list of the abbreviations used)

Separate sections are provided for detailed information about  Composers  -  Publishers [Locations]  -  Anthologies

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