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Abel Nagytothy-Toth,  guitarist, musicologist, editor (Canada)


Adriano Sebastiani, guitarist, editor (Italia)


Diego Sanchez Haase, harpsichordist, composer, conductor, editor (Paraguay)


Dmitry Milovanov, guitarist, editor (Russia)


Duo Bonfanti, guitar duo (Italia)


Edmar Fenicio, guitarist, composer, editor (Brasil)


Marco Bazzotti, guitarist, musicologist, editor (ItaliaI


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||||| CONCERTO |||||

Concerts with guitar, mandolin, lute and orchestra in PDF format

Revised and edited by Abel Nagytothy-Toth

This collection will be gradually published. It comes from the Canadian guitarist and musicologist Abel Nagytothy-Toth.

He intends to donate his life time work to the guitar community for public performances and sound engravings only.

For any other use respecting the International Copyright Law, please contact the editor.

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arulli, Ferdinando (1770-1841)

Concerto Op.8a, Guitar, Flute obligato, Orchestra  pdf for purchase

    This version was played by Carulli himself in Paris. It starts with a 56 measures flute solo, and orchestra.

    The guitar steps in only at the measure 89. Otherwise it is more or less similar to the well known Carulli concerto.

    Audio Midi: 1st mov.-Allegro   2nd mov.-Polonaise

Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759)

Concerto HWV-294 Op.4.6, Guitar, Harp, Orchestra  free download   score and parts

    Reconstructed by Abel Nagytothy-Toth from the original for Lute, Harp and Orchestra

Hasse, Johann Adolf (1699-1783)

Concerto, Mandolin, String orchestra, Guitar  free download   score and parts

    Playable also for Mandolin and Mandolin orchestra

Kohaut, Karl (1726-1784)

Concerto (in Bb), Lute (Guitar), String orchestra  pdf for purchase

Kováts, Barna (1920-2005)

Concerto, Guitar, Chamber Orchestra (copy manuscript)  free download   score



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