Michel BERT

Composer  and Guitarist







Composer and guitarist born in Santiago, Chile.
began his musical studies with Francisco Cabreras (master jazz guitarist), he later studied Flamenco Guitar, at the same time made his Modal Harmony studies. In 1995 entered the Faculty of Art's Music Institute of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Chile, studying with Alejandro Peralta Beher (1995 - 2002); Michel Bert thanks the musical influence received from: Alejandro Reyes van Eweyk, Roland Dyens, Oscar Ohlsen, Hopkinson Smith, Eduardo Egües and Eduardo Moreno Moore. Acquiring in 2003 the degree Univ. Graduate and Bachelor in Music. In 2005 he’s going to get the title degree “Guitar Musical Interpreter".
Michel Bert has played in several concerts seasons, such as: “Guitarras en Verano”, “Jovenes Solistas del Siglo XXI”, “Guitarristas del Siglo XXI”, and his following versions at the Biblioteca Nacional; "Young Singers" at the Chilean North American Institute; “Guitarras al Atardecer”, P. Universidad Catolica. Contemporary Music Festival 2004, at the Universidad de Chile; Culture’s House of Ñuñoa, etc.

Within his recorders non published we find:
-2002 Works for guitar by: F. Moreno Torroba, Manuel Ponce, Alejandro Peralta B. and Fernando Sor.
-2003 Works for guitar by: Leo Brouwer, Michel Bert, J.S.Bach, etc. Guitar duos with Eduardo Moreno Moore, works of Johann Kaspar Mertz (transmitted by Radio Beethoven in the program “Guitarra”).
-2004 Trece Improvisaciones para mi matrimonio, Improvisations based in works of Chamber Music and Soloist (diffused by Radio Beethoven).
-2005 Solist repertory about the XX century (Joaquin Rodrigo, Leo Brouwer and Roland Dyens), and more Chamber Music of his own compositions such as Impromptu (published by VP Music Media), Il Mistero di Vincenzo Pocci (published by VP Music Media), Rituale all’Alba (published by VP Music Media).

Within his solo guitar works we find: Il Passato del Principio, Maji, Paseo Nocturno  (published by VP Music Media), Micro sequenza di scordatura  (published by VP Music Media), Presenza (published by VP Music Media), etc.

In the Chamber Music: El Umbral (guitar duo), Canción de Septiembre (terz guitar and guitar), Cueca (guitar trio) (published by VP Music Media), Tritonus (guitar, doblebass and marimba), Quintet to Frank Zappa, Periodos (flute and guitar), 5 Apuntes (flute and guitar), Soleggiato (fluta, violin, violoncello and piano), Panorama  (flute, bass flute and guitar), Olas Verdes (violin and guitar) (published by VP Music Media), etc.

It’s very important, to underline the professional audio registration, editing, mixing and mastering several recorders own and of others; participating in the creation, interpretation and recorder of one musical work.