Evgeny BAEV

Composer guitarist  

Evgeny Baev and Elena Muravjova


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Evgeny BAEV, Pervouralsk, Russia (1952). Composer guitarist studied in Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg) and at the Ural's Conservatory. Presently he teaches at the Children Musical School, combining it with his job at the Musical College in the city Tver. 

In 1988 Evgeny Baev created with his wife Elena Muravjova the instrumental Duo "Musical Miniatures" (violin and guitar), that performed concerts in Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Latvia and America. For the Duo he has written Sonatas and Folk Suites - Russian, Spanish, Jewish and American. 

Baev wrote 10 Sonatas for guitar solo, 5 Suites, Etudes, folk adaptations, Concert for 2 guitars flute and orchestra, 4 guitar Duets. 

He wrote also special concert suites for children: "Children's dreams", "Contrasts". 

Evgeny Baev was awarded in the International Competition of Composition (Moscow, 1999) for his guitar and flute Concert-Fantasy "Master and Margarita" and for the guitar cycle "Five Stikhirs".

Works published by VP Music Media

RETRO-SUITE for guitar
I. Moderato - II. Andante - III. Allegretto

5 STIKHIRS for guitar
Stikhira is an orthodox church song in honour of a church holiday or saint. 

MALACHITE CASKET (Suite in 7 parts) for guitar
The Mistress of Copper Mountain  
The Mountain Craftsman                   
The Grassy Hiding Place                   
Tayutka's Mirror                                         
Malachite Casket                                 
Little Silver Hoof         
Dancer on the Live Coal Ash

SONATA IN OLD STYLE (in four parts) for 2 guitars (or violin and guitar)

THE SEVEN DWARFS PLUS ONE (Suite) for guitar

Other works unpublished

ETUDES Volume 1
19 classical guitar studies for the right hand on the use of the thumb as a plectrum, and the use of the little finger


AMERICAN FOLKLORE for violin and guitar
Lonely wind, Blues, Cowboy song, Hello, America!, Fantasy on popular tunes

JEWISH FOLKLORE SUITE for violin and guitar
Jewish tunes, Expectation, Let's enjoj ourselves, Long way, Country festival

RUSSIAN FOLKLORE SUITE for violin and guitar
The red sarafan, 'Camarinskaya', I met you, 'Kalinka', Don't reprobate me, Don't curse me, Russian amusements, Nightingale

SPANISH FOLKLORE SUITE for violin and guitar
2 Catalan songs, Zapateado, Algama, Alba, Scherzo

SONATA N.2 (in 3 parts) for violin and guitar
1. for guitar solo, 2. for violin solo, 3 for duet

SUITE "CHILDREN DREAMS" for violin and guitar
The dream is coming around, Doll's dance, Street-organ, Dance of conjurers of fire, Knight's serenade, Tender request, From old good times (from american folklore), Dance with fun (Japan melody) Festival in Seville (from Spain folklore), Farewell

SUITE "CONTRASTS" for violin and guitar
Prelude, Forest lake, Presentiment, Three riders, Yellow rose, Amazon, Improvisation on the theme of Subramaniam, Legend, Flamenco

CHILDREN SUITE "GOLD KEY" for violin and guitar
In theatre, Fox and cat, Malvina's song, Piero, Carabas-Barabas, Pinocchio, Tortilla, Giuseppe and father Carlo, New theatre, Fair

ENSEMBLES FOR BEGINNERS (14 pieces) for violin and guitar