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“What is strange and almost diabolical in the figure of Paganini looms over this novel and fills it with a frightening mystery, in contrast with the laughing festivity of the places, where it takes place, admirably described by Bargellini. It should be noted that the novella rises to the fantastic of course, due to the character of the protagonist: the fantastic unreal, in short, is not outside, in the invention of the writer, but in the soul of the protagonist; it comes out, it suffuses, it propagates from the frightened spirit of Luciano Paulin, with such suggestive force, that at a certain point we too are taken by his fear. And this is new. Here is a book, finally, that really deserves luck.” Luigi Pirandello, 1906.

"Even a note that escaped seemed to him a priceless asset, irremissibly lost, forever."

(from "La Chitarra di Paganini", Afterword & Essential bibliography of Sante Bargellini by Marco V. Bazzotti )

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About the Author:

BARGELLlNI, Sante was a distinguished Italian amateur guitarist, born in 1867. Sante Bargellini belonged to that category of men of superior spirit. Dedicated to medicine, he was succubus of pain. He skillfully worked the pen in journalism, distinguishing himself as a good writer. The guitar was his companion, she owes everything to him, as he himself said. He was a great friend of the famous guitarist and composer, his compatriot Luciano Castagna, with whom he studied guitar in various periods. S. Bargellini died in Nice at 65 years of age. [Translated from the dictionary of Domingo Prat, page 40]