Large scale guitar solo work based on a gran duet of the act II in La Semiramide by G. Rossini.

An important addition to guitar solo repertoire of the Nineteenth century by a virtually unknown guitarist and composer active in Milan, Italy.

Preface in Italian and English by Marco V. Bazzotti, 12 pages of music, URTEXT with corrections and indications of guitar string only.

14 pages of the original manuscript.

First modern edition.

G. Porta: Eben ... cover

G. Porta: Eben ... rear


Gaetano Porta, guitarist and composer from Milan, lived during the mid-nineteenth century. We have no other biographical information. He composed many works for guitar solo and two (and three) guitars, still in manuscript form. His only published work is a Sinfonia for guitar solo, printed in Milan by Colombo, app. 1830.

This adaptation from the duet “Eben, a te, ferisci” [sic] from the Act II of Rossini's Semiramide comes from a manuscript in my own collection. It shows all the transcriber’s skills in a medium-sized work of great difficulty for the instrument.

I wish to thank Italian musicologist Danilo Prefumo who discovered the collection from which the manuscript comes from and for presenting it to me. I thank also Danilo Prefumo and Massimo Agostinelli for their research on this author featured on “Il Fronimo” no. 134, April 2006 “Un fondo lombardo di composizioni per chitarra del XIX secolo.”

The original manuscript’s reproduction appears at the end of our edition. I hope it will be of help to the modern player.

No notable editorial mistakes were found in the whole manuscript.

Marco V. Bazzotti,  1st April, 2014

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