Antonio Dominici (1872-1934): Complete Guitar Works Vol. 1, 30 Compositions for Guitar Solo [Italian version here]

 Antonio Dominici vol. 1

Dominici vol.1 (retro)

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94 Pages, VP Music Media Publisher / Createspace, 2017

Antonio Dominici was born in 1872 in Palermo (Sicily). According to his niece, Anna Averna[1], after musical studies in his city he left for Naples in 1893. He left in search of luck, taking   with himself only his guitar and leaving behind his secure job as a firefighter. His dream? Becoming a “classical guitar” composer! Then again, unsatisfied with the Neapolitan guitar world, he joined a plectrum instrument ensemble headed for Russia. However, as soon as he arrived in Moscow’s vicinity, the musicians abandoned him ...

[1]     Anna Averna (Dominici), Un chitarrista italiano in Russia / Antonio Dominici, in Retroscena no. 4-5, p. 22-24, November-December 1953, see Documents.

(from the Foreword by Marco V. Bazzotti)

List of guitar pieces:

  1. Penso sempre a te (Romanza senza parole)
  2. Il mio sogno (Mazurca di concerto)
  3. Fantasia Patetica
  4. Triste Ricordo (melodia)
  5. Sognai l’Amor sublime (Romanza senza parole)
  6. Melodia celestiale (Notturno)
  7. Valzer lento (Langsamer Walzer)
  8. Gloria Palermitana (Marcia)
  9. Serenata di maggio
  10. Eralda (Mazurka)
  11. Pietro Micca (Marcia)
  12. Passione di un Zingaro (Valse)
  13. Ricordo di Pietroburgo (Marcia)
  14. Il mio sentimento (Valse)
  15. Rimembranze d’Amore (Melodia)
  16. La Serpentina (Polka)
  17. Iolanda (Polka)
  18. Amore e Tristezze (Fantasia)
  19. Celeste amore (Melodia)
  20. Occhi languidi (Romanza senza parole)
  21. La Pastorella (Tarantella)
  22. Regina-Gavotta 68
  23. Grande Fantasia (Melodia)
  24. Canzone-Marcia
  25. Serenata appassionata
  26. Ricordo di Marene (Mazurca)
  27. Valzer Brillante
  28. Rimpianto (Melodia)
  29. Santa Lucia lontana
  30. Elegia

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