Label: Gennaro Fabricatore / Anno 1808 Napoli / Strada S. Giacomo 26.

 Gennaro Fabricatore 1808

cartiglio G. Fabricatore 1808

Type of wood used for construction:

Sounding board: Spruce with regular grain. Back: Cherry tree in two pieces -
Sides: Cherry tree – neck: Maple – Headstock: Ebonized wood.


Total length of the instrument:  94.0 cm - Length of the case:  45.5 cm

Upper bout width: 22.2 cm - Middle bout width:  16.4 cm - Lower bout width: 29.0 cm 

Length of vibrating string: 64.9 cm - Height of sides: 8.0 cm (sup.) 8.5 cm (center) 9.5 cm (infer.)

Type of soundhole: circular with four concentric ivory threads - Diameter of the soundhole: 8.0 cm

>buca Fabricatore 1808

fondo Fabricatore

paletta della Fabricatore 1808

Front view

Rear view

Fabricatore guitar

Fabricatore guitar

With M° Giacomo Parimbelli, guitarist and historian.