About us

JcG (Just Classical Guitar) was born in early December 1995 by an intuition of its creator and webmaster since the beginning, M. Bazzotti.

For several years on the same server hosting the website of the editions VP Music Media, friend and collaborator Dr. V. Pocci, home of the Guide to modern and contemporary repertoire for guitar and a collection, unique in the world by extension, free downloadable sheet music in facsimile, as well as several editions of contemporary music which are commercially available.

The articles written for various magazines (both traditional print and online) are stored on this server, as well as numerous original writings which are currently under revision and, at least in part, will be available again soon.

The idea of forming a club has emerged naturally from the many received from colleagues and friends asking about materials being part of our collections accumulated over several years of research, as well as audio and video recently taken.

This new website, much easier to use the previous ones, was created to make it available to as much people as possible.

As you notice, the site is under construction but we hope to have it fully operational by mid-February.

JcG 8bit