History of Just classical Guitar in the web

Just Classical Guitar was born on 9th, December 1995, in both Italian and English language. Its first web address (or URL, as then always called) was within the network.

At that time in Italy there was no other guitar wesite, and few musical titles, for that it was natural to turn itself to the wider audience offered by English-reading people ... in the US in fact there were already some guitar music webs, among which  the website by John Dimick (in its  homepage it keeps the same historical first logo) and some non-official pages by artists as Assad duo (and then also Manuel Barrueco) created by the friend Jeff Covey. I can rember that only some months later in came online also the Ophée Editions and so on many other websites.

There is still an image of the first website, but it is already a late update of the end of December of the same year (note that the access counter is purely "virtual"):

JcG 1995

During the Ramirez Day organized ato Sermig by Mo. Maurizio Colonna on 16th of December, 1995, the website "JcG" was firstly presented publicly with this slide:

Ramirez Day 1995

Il 1996 this short advertisment was published on the Italian magazine "il Fronimo", the guitar magazine founded by Ruggero Chiesa" (issue no. 96 Dec. 1996, p. 57):

Net Italia- pubblicità su Il Fronimo

The next version, which had migrated to the new provider, presented this homepage taken with the historical Netscape ver. 3.0 :

JcG 1997

In 1997, Just Classical Guitar switched to an address of the American server "" by Dale Reagan, a position which ensured maximum visibility in the U.S. but maybe it was a bit slow woth certain connections from Italy ...

Jcg 1997

Since 1999, with the migration to its new domain, there are still some images with a "modern" interface, these pages can still be visited at present on the useful section Time Machine of

JcG Home 1999

Starting from 2000 to 2007 years JcG gradually disappeared on-line, being merged into a new 'commercial' portal that was created by using its material.
Finally here are the logos that had been built up to time for this site, for a collection of sheet music that will now be re-offered to members of the new Just Classical Guitar Club:

JcG Logo

JcG Logo

JcG 8bit

Just classical Guitar

Just CLASSICAL Guitar Website