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The old Just Classical Guitar Guestbook

of 1996 - 1998 years

These phrases were collected through the Guestbook of Just Classical Guitar between 1996 to 1998.

They are reproduced in this page as a memory to inspire us to do even better.

It will be soon possible to add comments to any page to start a cooperation with our readers in the collaborative spirit of Web 2.0.

Dear Marco,

We noted your web page after unscrambling your URL [...] and were able to pull-up your homepage. Looks great!!

Ron Purcell, 1996

Bravo!!!! y ánimo...es la mejor WWW. que he visto hasta ahora. Gracias.

Antonio Contreras, 9 Aug 1996

Subject: Carulli Catalogue
Dear Mr.Bazzotti, What a great & important web page!
Best regards,

Jun Sugawara (Tokyo), 19 Sep 96

I'll spend another couple of hours here!

Vesa Pölkki, 24 June 1997

I'll be visiting JCG often. Thanks

Anthony Zapotoczny, 6 July 1997

Not much to say. How much better could it get?

Kevin Smith,7 June 1997

I was very pleased to realise your engagement for the publication of the Italian guitar...! ciao WW

Wolfgang Weigel , 14 September 1997

Complimenti vivissimi, semper ad majora!

Pier Luigi Cimma, Torino, 20 October 1997

Congratulations on a great site!

Michael Stitt, 15 January 1998

Bazzotti sei un mago!

Filippo Michelangeli, 30 April 1998

Ottimo lavoro questo sito!! Copre senza dubbio una mancanza che andava colmata, e nella maniera migliore.

Massimo Delle Cese, 13 July 1998

Date: 28 September 1998
This is an excellent website, thank you very much
Ibrahim Sivrikaya

Date: 20 August 1998
Bellissima l' idea del catalogo CD On line, solo che credo sia da migliorare la modalità d'ordine via Internet.
Per il resto complimenti per il sito... è stupendo!
Alessio Olivieri

Date: 7 July 1998
Welldone! A unique and valuable page for all guitarists.
Alan Badgery

Date: 17 June 1998
Comments: Thank you for your very interesting site, I wish you well.
Ken Hartdegen

Date: 30 May 1998
Ottima impaginazione per un'ottima rivista.
Luigi Attademo

I just happened across your web page, and was really surprised. I am a beginner in classical guitar.
There's a lot of good information here - I had no idea there were so many Italian composers for classical guitar. Keep up the excellent work! Bravo!
Tony DaMommio

Date: 9 February 1998
A wonderful site for a young guitar student.
Ole Martin Thomassen

Date: 23 January 1998
What a great site this is!!!!
You have no idea how hard it is to get classical guitar-info./-music in a place like Denmark!!! This site is a great uppertunity for me to get some input on the subject!!!
I like your list of composers, it gives a kind of a view in how many there really are, not just Albéniz and Bach.
Rune Alm

Date: 21 January 1998
Il sito è bellissimo.
Se volete chiacchierare di musica scrivetemi.
Mirco Mungari

Date: 17 January 1998
Great site!!! Keep up with the good work!!
Alessandro Meini

Date: 7 January 1998
I have been playing classical guitar for a short while now, and I truly love this page...I would suggest more information on the learning of reading music and being able to site read a little smoother
Christopher Bidwell

Date: 6 January 1998
Complimenti, è il sito ideale per tutti noi giovani appassionati di chitarra!!!!!
Penso proprio che lo visiterò spessissimo.
Mirco Mungari

Date: 31 December 1997
I have been playing, and building classical guitars for 20 years. I wish this sort of resource was available for me when I was begining. Even now, what a great way of getting and shraring a great interest, passion, obsession. Well done!
Bob St.Cyr

Date: 17 December 1997
Bellissimo sito. Congratulazioni
Yehuda Schryer, Universita di Tel-Aviv

Date: 17 December 1997
Request: Doing a work on guitarmusic written in the years 1950-1960 I am looking for a possible listing of the music written in Italy in those years?

Gunnar Spjuth

Date: 15 December 1997
Animo y felicidades. Una buena cyber-revista
Eduardo San Martín

Es una página muy buena que me ha maravillado, sobre todo por las partituras que tienen disponibles, espero que sigan publicando más partituras, para guitarra, ya que aquí en Chile, siempre es más difícil encontrarlas.
Alessandro Macci

Date: 9 December 1997
I want to see classical guitar's score on my screen!
Brave Young

Hei for Faen!! Klassisk gitar for helvete
Thomas Gronbech

Date: 8 December 1997
Excellent site! it's nice to belong to such a large family of clasical guitar fans
Dottore Tito A. Champena

Date: 2 December 1997
Request: Some history and information about the instrument itself
I'm a Brazilian student of classical guitar. Interesting site, but maybe I would like some more information about the guitar history. Congratulations for helping us all!!! If anyone wants to send me some mail, send it to koole@net.em.com.br
Matthias Francisco Koole

Looking for sheet music, recorded by Carlos Barbosa-Lima, song entitled "Timothy O" on CD entitled Music of the America's. It is a song composed by Brent Michael Davids from The Native American Suite. Please e-mail if the sheet music is available.
Dave Keller

Date: 16 November 1997
Complimenti per il sito. Mauro Pestel

Date: 11 November 1997
Great site! John Martin Oribe

Date: 9 November 1997
I look forward to the the Green Beginners' Page. I am student of guitar education. I will be looking for a job in the U.S. public schools in 1999. I hope to eventually be teaching mostly guitar classes in one school district. I will probably get started by teaching band classes and beginning guitar classes. Please let me know when the the Green Beginners' Page gets on-line. Thank you and keep up the good work. I would like to know more about vihuela and the music it played, so I will keep me eye on your page for that too. I enjoy playing M. Giuliani's music and any music and information you post would be appreciated.
Chad Richard Nuckles-Flinn

Date: 7 November 1997
You guys are doing a good job.
Jay Kwee

Date: 1 November 1997
Hi Marco, How are you?
I'sorry. I dont speak english and italian. I'm brazilian. I speak portuguese. My englis is poor.
Gostei muito da tua música, neste momento estou escutando-a. Ela é realmente muito boa.
Felicidade e sucesso pra ti.
Um abraço
Gerson Luiz Bazotti, Cidade de Criciúma, Estado de Santa Catarina

Date: 26 October 1997
Congratulations on a lovely site
Please, notify me
Rob Norton, Dublin ,Irlanda

Date: 10 October 1997
Wonderful site; thanks.
Philip Casella

Date: 18 September 1997
I like all the pages, very good work! Something for the beginners, please...
Flavio Brio

Date: 5 September 1997
Great, that this page exists. I am interested to hear from other young guitarists. Sabine Müller-Mall, email muema@rhein-neckar.netsurf.de

Date: 30 August 1997
Ciao! Ho piacuto tanto!
Bob Alvarenga

Date: 29 August 1997
E' veramente un sito molto bello, ci torneremo spesso: bravo MARCO !
Auguri e buon lavoro: ci piacerebbe poterti ascoltare dal vivo !
Silvia Volponi e Giovanna Viggiano

Date: 25 August 1997
Music is ALWAYS appreciated.
We Classical Guitarists need to stick together! Pages like this one help us to do that. Thanks!
Clifford James Dumais

Date: 24 August 1997
Request: More free sheet music and lots of midi's
Paul Simon Gabler

Date: 17 August 1997
Now that I've found you, I look forward to coming back again and again. Thanks
Brian Hallstrom

Date: 16 August 1997
Great classical guitar site!
Marcus Varela

Date: 15 August 1997
This is my area of interest - music on early instruments- baroque and romantic guitars
I have access to some music you may need by L. Castellacci. In the late 80's Tom Heck connected me with Carlo Barone and I am the 1st American to perform at his festival in Stresa.
Dennis Cinelli from New York City

Date: 8 August 1997
Would like to converse with other guitarists playing Granados, Albeniz, Tarrega
William Laverty - e-mail: unitig@se-iowa.net

Date: 14 July 1997
Excellente! keep up the good work ! well done
Brian Penny

Date: 15 June 1997
Comments: Complimenti Marco !
Vincenzo Pocci

Date: 12 June 1997
Felicitaciones! algo extraordinario vuestra pagina. please do it in Spanish !
Carlos Echeverry

Requests: MIDI files for the basic Carulli, Carcassi etc, for standard begginers pieces
Music scores to accompany above MIDI files
julian lewis

Date: 27 May 1997
Bellissimo sito.Complimenti. Segnalo solo che ci sono problemi di link alla voce: Associazioni chitarristiche.
Diego Milanese

Date: 21 May 1997
Salvo Perrotta

Date: 18 May 1997
Wonderful site!!!
Joseph Knasinski

Date: 10 May 1997
I'm a guitar fun, I like this section very much
Jin Huang

I'm glad I have found this site. I will put a bookmark on it.
Goran Annebring

Date: 13 Apr 1997
extremely interesting and informative!
Vladimir Rosco

Date: 17 Mar 1997
Just contintued to expand
Marc D. Demers

Date: 7 Mar 1997
Do you have any place to post an instrument for sale?
Lou Mowad

Date: 26 Feb 1997
Comments: more free music on the web from new composer
Marc Denis Demers

Date: 24 Feb 1997
More great articles, such as the one on the Ramirez family
Comments: Keep up the great work...I wouldn't dare to suggest you do better--it's fine!
Gerald Wilson - http://www.ucalgary.ca/~gwilson/cgsc.html

Date: 22 Feb 1997
I am searching for classical guitar arrangements of Italian opera arias and traditional songs. Grazie.
Gennaro Giordano

Paisan - keep up the noble work!
Salvatore Salvaggio

Date: 20 February 1997
I'm a student,working very hard, ned guiding!!!
Niklas Andreasson

Date: 5 Feb 1997
I found the articles informative, and the site makes for wonderful exploring.
Doug Roll

Date: 27 Sep 1996
Very nice site
Kurt Wolf

Date: 15 Sept 1996
Enjoyed visiting your site. Am new to the internet; been playing guitar about six years. Will visit often, now that I've found it.
Ciao, Alden Hingle, Jr.

Date: 27 Aug 1996
I found your page interesting and well made ...
Kaz - Guitar Salon International

Date: 20 Aug 1996
Hi Marco,
I enjoyed your home page. [...]
Ken Miyakawa