Giuseppe Bellenghi


Giuseppe Bellenghi, da P. Bone

Giuseppe Bellenghi (1844-1902), Romagnolo by birth, was mainly a violoncellist and mandolinist. As a composer he flourished in the second half of the last century. He is reported here because was the founder of the Publishing House Forlivesi, based on Florence. This company was historically the first Italian modern publishing company to print guitar music (basically some works by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco).

He was born in Faenza like Luigi Mozzani, who was his close friend.

Bone writes about him: "The firm of Ricordi has published a great number of his arrangements for mandolin and guitar, and these works remain without fear of rivals."

At his death, the music publishing business was conducted by his son, Renato Bellenghi. Bellenghi's compositions were very numerous, and he published many lighter works under the name of G. B. Pirani (a Method for the guitar published by Forlivesi and many other music).

According to Bone: "Renato Bellenghi was the first to write and publish a method for the modern Lute, and under the nom-de-plume of G. B. Pirani, we find methods for mandola and guitar. "

Giuseppe Bellenghi (firma)

He wrote methods for Napolitan Mandolin,  Lombard Mandolin, Guitar and Lute, as well as many works for mandolin in ensemble of all kinds. In addition to publishing a Method for guitar, composed solo guitar pieces for example, simple but highly effective, all published by Forlivesi.

G. Bellenghi, Ciao - valzer popolare

He died suddenly on the evening of September 17, 1902 (as written by Schmidl), in Florence (not Oct. 17, as reported by Bone: Bone is the second born in 1847, but this is in contrast with the date of his obituary, more below).

G. Bellenghi, Album di pezzi Originali per Chitarra