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Costantino Bertucci


Roman Mandolinist and Guitarist

Bertucci, dal BoneIn the Dizionario Biografico degli italiani one can read: "Born in Rome in 1841, there are very few news about his youth. It is presumed he started soon studying music since his first compositions date back from about 1870. He has devoted himself mainly to the study of the mandolin, quickly becomin a virtuoso. ... He published in 1885 in Milan, a method for mandolin, divided into three parts. In it, in addition to the strictly educational section, he describes the changes were made to the instrument, significant changes achieved after years of assiduous study and accurately, leading to a radical transformation technique and sound effects and expressive, never before achieved. [...]
Skilful teacher, Bertucci formed excellent students both in Italy and abroad: with an orchestra of students he also gave concerts, often at the Quirinal Palace in the presence of the real Italy family and a double quartet with mandolin set up in 1878 he went to Paris for the 'World's Fair, showing great success. In 1901 in Berlin and other European capitals. Composer of good taste, his works were published mainly by the publisher Ricordi in Milan, few are dated, but is presumed to have been published between 1870 and 1900.
[...] The Bertucci died in Rome April 30, 1931.

For us it is primarily known as a teacher of the guitarist and composer Antonio (Toto) Amici, the most popular Roman guitarist of his era.