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Transition Guitarists at the turn of 19th-Century

Among the guitarists and composers who lived and operated at the turn of the 19th-century, mostly mandolin players who devoted themselves to guitar, are following names.

Giuseppe Branzoli (1835?-1909?)

Giovanni Navone di Domenico (1839-1907)

Giovanni Navone di Vittorio (1855-1913)

Costantino Bertucci (1841-1931)

Giuseppe Bellenghi (1844-1902)

Giorgio B. Marchisio (1835-?), a Turinese professor who lived in London, author of a Guitar methodo.

Domenico Meriglio (1850-?), organist and composer was born in Vercelli October 25, 1850, blind since the age of six years. He composed pieces of sacred music and also a lot of music for mandolin and guitar. He taught at a school both instruments.

Enrico Marucelli (1877-1907), Florentine mandolinist, guitarist and composer who lived in London.

Isidoro Angelo Figliolini (1877-1955), mandolin and guitar player of Vercelli, teacher.

Vittorio Monti (1868-1925), famous mandolin player, conductor and composer (the notorius Czardas is one of his pieces). He composed the guitar accompaniment of several songs by Tosti, in addition to writing various French songs with guitar.