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Riccardo Vaccari


Riccardo Vaccari (1897-1941)Guitarist and composer born in Modena October 7, 1897 but resident in Bologna, with a degree in chemistry. In 1922 he founded the Mauro Giuliani Society, chaired by the famous Maestro Luigi Mozzani and in 1934 he founded the monthly magazine La Chitarra, seated in 18, Duca d’Aosta str. (Bologna). He was musical director, and administrator, then vice-director.

He received the guitar basics in Bologna by Astorre Fiorentini, then he became a student of Mario Maccaferri and finally by Luigi Mozzani, completing his studies in 1926. In 1932 he studied harmony and composition under the guidance of the well-known Bolognese Mo. Enzo Masetti (whose splendid Serenata was in fact dedicated to R. Vaccari and his readers of the magazine).

All his know compositions and editions/music transcriptions (Andrea Falconieri, F. Durante, Abril Tirado, S. Heller, L. Boccherini, J. Brahms, L. van Beethoven, F. Chopin, A. Vivaldi, M. Giuliani) were published as musical annexes in the magazine La Chitarra. Among them is worthy mentioning the phantasy Tarantella of great effect.

His essay on guitar notation, with the title «The technique of writing music for guitar with examples and explanations on the technique effects» ublished in 12 parts in the before-mentined magazine in the years 1938-39. It surprises even nowadays for its modernity. The topics covered are: The strings, Fingers of Left Hand, Fingers of Right Hand; The nut; Harmonic sounds, Legatos, Staccatos, Accents and Embellishments, Arpeggios, Tremolos and rasgueados; Various effects; Appendix ; Summary (with many musical examples).

Although his name is not mentioned among the authors, he actively cooperated for many entries of the famous Dictionary of Italian luthiers and guitarists (Dizionario dei chitarristi e liutai italiani), along with the prof. B. Terzi.

He premiered the Quartet (fl, guit., vl, vlc) by Matiegka-Schubert, in 1935. In his repertoire there were Melodia notturna by J. Sancho, Notturno by Chopin, Chiaro di luna by Beethoven, studies by Sor and works by his beloved F. Carulli.

He died in 1941, in the night “between 27 and 28 March” (from La Chitarra no. 4, 1941).


  • Studio (to Giorgio Pezzoli), 1937
  • Studio / in fa# min., to Pedro Duval, 1938
  • Meditazione (1939) for guitar solo
  • Ninna nanna, 1941, for guitar and voice
  • Tarantella (1940), published in 1942
  • Notturno romantico, unpublished

R. Vaccari: Studio (1937)

R. Vaccari: Tarantella (1940)

R. Vaccari: Ninna-nanna (1941)


R. Vaccari, Sulla scrittura Tecnica della Musica per Chitarra con esempi e chiarimenti sulla tecnica degli effetti, in «La Chitarra», V, 7-8/9/10/11/12, 1938; VI, 1/2/3/4/5/6/7-8, 1939

Un grave lutto per «La Chitarra» / Riccardo Vaccari, in «La Chitarra», VIII, 4, aprile 1941, pp. 25-26