Federico Bonvicini


Federico Bonvicini, 1930 (dal Dizionario di B. Terzi)Federico Bonvicini was born in Bologna in 1888. In this city he get his first music and guitar lessons, then he went on under the guidance of Luigi Mozzani. In 1908 he settled in Turin where he pursued his studies and he could perform on public, receiving unanimi consensi. Besides being a performer, he was also a guitar maker and composer.
He married the mezzo-soprano Maria Mazzanti.

His guitar works (ten only are known today) were published by the Casa Blanchi (printed by Chiappino) in Turin in the late Romantic taste of the Italian school.

He emplyed a Mozzani mezza-lira guitar with four extra-basses.

He died in Turino in 1957.

Works for Guitar

  1. Serenata, Blanchi/Chiappino
  2. Il piccolo suonatore di Flauto, Blanchi/Chiappino
  3. Maria (Valzer), Blanchi/Chiappino
  4. Tarantella, , Blanchi/Chiappino
  5. Fantasia, Blanchi/Chiappino
  6. Marcia dei chitarristi, Blanchi/Chiappino
  7. Una festa al villaggio, Blanchi/Chiappino
  8. Scherzo, Blanchi/Chiappino
  9. Preludio, Blanchi/Chiappino
  10. Rimembranze (Valzer), Blanchi/Chiappino


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