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Nicola Antonio Zingarelli


Napolitan Composer, author of a Cavatina for Guitar

Nicola Antonio Zingarelli was a composer of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. He was born in Naples in 1752. Son of a tenor, he studied at the Conservatory of Naples St. Maria di Loreto, where he was a classmate of Cimarosa. Appointed organist of the Cathedral of Torre Annunziata, protected by the Duchess of Castelpadano, represented the work of Montezuma in 1781, rapidly becoming famous in Italy and France. In 1790 he was in Paris, who left after the Revolution, and in 1794 was appointed director of the Chapel of the Holy House of Loreto, where he composed much sacred music.
In 1804 he became maestro di cappella in S. Peter's in Rome and in 1813 became director of the Royal College of Music in Naples, where he was also appointed as a teacher in the Cathedral,
Esteemed teacher, had among his pupils Bellini, Mercadante, and Petrella. As a composer, enjoyed great fame, showing an exceptional ease of writing. He wrote more than forty plays, five speakers, twenty-three made a full orchestra, ten Requiem, sixty-made for voices and organ, thirty Dixit, Stabat eighteen, twenty-three Te Deum and other church music, also composed fifty symphonies, sonatas for various instruments, and various chamber music, some singing, canons and fugues.
In reference to the guitar should be remembered for having composed a vague semblance What Cavatina, which pretty lights for voice and guitar, published in 1801 by the publisher of Vienna and Hood by Gio Ricordi,
[1819] (Biblioteca civica Angelo Mai - Bergamo - BG - Mayr 246.5.1).