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Carlo Michele Alessio Sola

(1786 ? - 1857)

Guitarist, flutist and Composer active in London

Flutist and composer, Carlo Alessio Michele Sola was born in Turin, 6 June 1786 according to Philip Bone (The Guitar and Mandolin). The date of birth of Sola is now called into question: perhaps he was born in 1789 or 1791, instead of in 1786 as indicated above - see bibliography.
His musical education took place in Italy, where he learned to play the violin with Gaetano Pugnani, guitar and flute, also did the orchestral flute for a year at the Teatro Reale in Turin. He composed about 30 songs, tunes and airs for voice and guitar accompaniment (or piano), with opus numbers, until the 'op.48, mostly published in London (by Goulding & D'Almaine, Chappell, Clements, Welsh, Cocks, Willis, Falkner etc.) and a Method, published by Chappell to the 1827, with the title
"Sola's Instructions / for the / Spanish guitar," all kept at the British Library (London).

His name was translated into English as Charles Michael Alexis Sola. After his arrival in England, around 1841 with his son Alfred, Sola never again left the island until his death at the age of perhaps 70 years, January 21, 1857 -- see 1. in Bibliography.

Guitar Works by C. M. A. Sola

  1. SOLA'S / Instructions / FOR THE / SPANISH GUITAR. / Dedicated by Permission to / His Royal Highness / THE / DUKE of SUSSEX. / London Printed & Sold by S. Chappell Music Seller to his Majesty No. 50 Bond St. PN L1450 [1830]. London : F.T. Latour, [182-?]. 27 pp. Engraved. The PN indicates that is a later edition published with the original Chappell plates but issued by F.T. Latour
  2. Brulant D'Amour, / A / Troubadour Song, / Arranged with Chorus & Fourth Verse in Minor, / With an Accompaniment / for the / Piano Forte / or / Spanish Guitar, / & Dedicated to his Friend / Ronert Collymore Esq. / By / C.M. Sola. / Price 2/- / Sold by I. Willis, late Goulding & Co. No. 7, Westmoreland St. Dublin. / London, / Published at Falkner's Opera Music Warehouse, 3 Old Bond Street, / where may be the whole of Mr. Solas Publications. [1816?]. 5 pp. Engraved. Back cover: "Catalogue of / Vocal & Instrumental Music, / Composed by C.M. Sola. / London, Published by H. Falkner, Opera Music Warehouse, 3 Old Bond Street". According to CPM 53 p. 128, c. 1825. Not in Stationers' Hall 1710-1818.
    (Kenneth Sparr Collection)
  3. Soave speme. / Canzonetta. / Musique de Sola. / Accompagnement de Guitare par Meissonnier Jeune. / Soave speme... / Prix 75 c. / A Paris au Magasin de Musique de Pacini Boulevard des Italiens No. 11 PN 27.2 [1828-32]. 3 pp. Engraved.
    (Kenneth Sparr Collection)
  4. THE DREAM OF HOME. / Ballad. / Arranged for the / Spanish Guitar / By / C.M. SOLA. / Who has not felt... / NEW YORK Published by HEWITT & JAQUES 239 Broadway [1839-1841] 2 pp. Lithograhy.
    (Kenneth Sparr Collection)

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